Thursday, August 30, 2007

About Your Bear Naked Fitness Class

This is not an aerobics class, but you will sweat.

Each class is 1-hour long. We will exercise (naked) to some great music that will put a smile on your face and sweat on your body. I'll make your body feel alive. During that time we'll warm up & stretch, work the body making it stronger, learning, less prone to injury and more flexible. We'll tighten your abs and your ass, and we'll leave you rested, refreshed and relaxed.

During the class we'll focus on core strength (abs, back, chest, glutes) and we'll tone the rest of your body. No matter if your fitness level, you'll feel invigorated, challenged and inspired.

Classes will also incorporate balance, flexibility, endurance, body image & health issues to give an overall healthier body.

Why Exercise Naked?

There's so many reasons! It allows the body to sweat and is more efficient at cooling the body. It allows your instructor see your body so he can help correct alignment problems. It creates a sense of community. And best of all -- it's fun!