Thursday, August 30, 2007

About DynaBands - The Tools We Use

DynaBands are an incredibly effective way to tone muscle, build strength, increase muscle balance and help with flexibility. They look innocent enough, but one workout is all that you need to realize that you're going to get a "BowFlex" workout while having a great time!

Here's a little info about DynaBands:

DynaBands are made of Latex. If you have allergies, we can special order some latex-free DynaBands. Please let your instructor know of your allergies so that you can be given a Latex-Free product.

DynaBands come in a variety of colors. In class we will use the Pink, Green and Blue. The pink is the lightest weight and offers the least resistance. The Green is for an average student. The Blue offers the most resistance. You can use multiple bands together to provide the optimal resistance for your body. You may find that you need a Green band for your chest work, but a pink band for your triceps. This is not uncommon. Do not be afraid to use multiple bands during your workout.

DynaBands will break down over time (due to moisture, sweat, sunlight, etc.) The proper way to store Dynabands are in a box with just a little bit of talc powder. Place the bands in the box when you're done with them, add a little bit of powder, place the lid on the box and shake. That's all!

DynaBands have an amazing capacity to sttttrrrrrreeeeettttcccchhh! A 5-ft band will stretch up to 15 ft or more. The best part is that a band that "snaps" doesn't hurt and won't hard you. The resulting snap might startle you, but the band won't hurt.

DynaBands can be used on every part of your body; if there's a muscle, we can work it with a DynaBand! Even routine exercises can be made more challenging and exciting with the use of a DynaBand. You can even use a partner in your DynaBand workout. Depending upon the class, we may incorporate some partner band work to make your workout more exciting!